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"The initial Telescope setup and the ESOP Economics staff taking the time to walk me through the software will certainly shorten my learning curve."
John Curry
Valley Electric Supply

"ESOP Economics software and staff were instrumental in helping us understand our future repurchase obligations as we converted from one organizational structure to another."
Todd Gilles
Sebesta Blomberg & Associates, Inc.

"Telescope software has helped our company tremendously during the annual valuation process. Projecting repurchase obligations is a more detailed and less time consuming. The software is very well supported as well."
Rich Hanus
Lockrey Manufacturing

"Telescope has been much more flexible in performing Repurchase Obligation Studies than the software we previously used. The customer support has been great, and the staff is always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure Im able to perform an accurate series of projections. I wholeheartedly recommend Telescope as a product for anyone needing to perform Repurchase Obligation Studies."
Paul P. Dougherty, CPA

"What impressed me most was the quick response when calling or emailing the support team. Also, the support team was always helpful and patient even when taking a call late in the day or when the call went long. The team never rushed and made every effort to be sure all your issues were handled before getting off the phone."
Karen Mitchell
Forest City Trading Group, LLC.

"The great folks at ESOP Economics have been just wonderful to work with. Throughout set up and the use of our repurchase obligation software they have been ready to help answer questions, solve problems and see us through our learning curve. Knowledgeable, attentive and fast to answer questions we have been most pleased with the experience."
Lacey James & Lisa Vandergriff
The Superior Group, Inc.

"ESOP Economics, Inc. software has been an invaluable tool to forecast trends and to help make faster and more informed purchasing decisions for the ESOP Trust. The software was easy to install and it is very flexible to enter a number of different variables with the latest census data."
Carl Cox
Lightspeed Technologies

"ESOP Economics has been a tremendous asset in organizing and forecasting our repurchase obligations. Their Customer Service department responds quickly, courteously and candidly with insight about potential issues. Their customized software provides us with accurate guidelines for incorporating our ESOP program into cash flow. ESOP Economics software saves us time, energy, and labor and we highly recommend it!"
Lynette Ziegler
Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

"We have used ESOP Economics for repurchase projections and advice over the 10-year life of our ESOP. Never has there been an instance where we received anything but the highest levels of expertise, professionalism and timely courteous service. ESOP Economics gets a 5-star rating!"
Dan Gahr
Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.

"We became a 100% ESOP in 2007 and needed to look into the future for our repurchase obligations. ESOP Economics took our employee census and financial projections and came back with a professional presentation for our board of directors. We were able to talk through the presentation and assumptions beforehand and ESOP Economics was able to tailor the study and results to our business model. We value ESOP Economics professional approach and expertise. We chose not to purchase the software ourselves, but will use ESOP Economics to revise the repurchase study over the years."
Vinton Thengvall
Label Technology

"This project has been very interesting and insightful. The ESOP Economics team was great to work with and extremely responsive to helping me work through the whole process."
Shirley McAuliffe

"I sleep much better at night having worked with the ESOP Economics staff to complete our Repurchase Obligation Study. ESOP Economics took the mystery and, frankly, the anxiety out of our ESOP repurchase obligation."
Daniel Young
United Laboratories, Inc.

"After making a quick forward forecast of our repurchase obligations, we realized we needed more solid and defensible projections so we could plan to cover those withdrawals in a way that would not burden the firm or our ESOP. ESOP Economics, Inc. did a terrific job of guiding us through the process and providing a readily understandable forecast tool that helped us properly plan for these retirement events."
Bill Prelogar
Nearing Staats Prelogar & Jones

"We found ESOP Economics to be true experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable; they demonstrated diversified client experience; they are good listeners, meaning they sought desired client outcome, and provided proven, experienced, sound advice. ESOP Economics brought excellent VALUE to a highly complex subject. I highly recommend ESOP Economics to any ESOP company desiring to set a directed course for their ESOP future."
JH Maurer, CFO
Sechan Electronics, Inc.

"Our company has been a satisfied client of ESOP Economics, Inc. for well over ten years. Their most recent engagement for us was a Repurchase Obligation Projection. As in past work, they applied experience and knowledge that was clearly obvious in their comprehensive due diligence review, data collection and repurchase analysis. The resulting report allowed me to effectively communicate and discuss this important subject with our trustee and employee-owners. Based on this experience, I am happy to recommend their services to any ESOP seeking high quality, cost-effective services of this type."
Mike Syracuse
Technology Service Corporation

"Kudos to ESOP Economics for providing technical expertise, smart software, great training opportunities, skilled customer service, and then listening to their customers so they are always improving! Their products and services have been invaluable to us in planning to meet our repurchase obligation."
Leslie Jones
City Pipe & Supply Corp.

"The Repurchase Liability Obligation is a difficult area for an employee owned company to manage, but ESOP Economics has found a winning combination that simplifies the complexities very well. The winning combination is solid software along with an experienced staff of professionals who are able to guide your company through the maze of variables that affect repurchase liability, many of which are unique to each ESOP. Assistance ranges from training to telephone assistance as you prepare your own study, or to actually preparing the study for you. They are a one-stop shop."
Fred O Dwyer
NCM Associates, Inc.

"ESOP Economics has been a consistently valuable and reliable asset for Employee Owned Holdings and its Subsidiaries over the years. Any provider can offer a service and/or a software, but ESOP Economics responsive to our needs and their sense of urgency for our requests has definitely made them a part of our Management Team."
David Tyler
Employee Owned Holdings, Inc.

"We have used Telescope for years and the studies I produce accurately reflect actual payouts. The software is user friendly and flexible to meet my unique plan provisions. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, consultative services are outstanding."
Terry Keffer
The Branch Group

"I feel your organization has a really great product as I have been using your Telescope software for several years. It was really easy to install and to make yearly updates to our organizational data. You can always count on having a friend in south central PA!"
Mike Deppen
Flinchbaugh Engineering, Inc.

"ESOP Economics technical support staff is second to none! They always know the answers and leave you with a feeling that they were glad to speak with you."
Tom Copeland/Jeff Rosen
Star Leasing

"ESOP Economics not only takes the time to get a repurchase obligation study right, they take the time to make sure we understand the results."
Gary Garafolo
Harkins Builders, Inc.

"Telescope is very easy to understand and use. The people are very supportive and quick to answer any questions you may have or help you to solve a problem."
Mary Lou Schroeder
Modern Group, Ltd.

"We rely on the expertise of ESOP Economics to guide us through the intricacies of planning for our repurchase obligations."
Paul Abraham/Re Golden
National Analysts

"Telescope is an invaluable tool for helping us to assess the long term sustainability of our ESOP strategy. The software is surprisingly easy to use, and the technical support staff has been really helpful, knowledgeable and accessible."
Cindy Turcot
Gardeners Supply