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ESOP Economics releases new web-based version of Telescope™

Philadelphia, PA, August 31, 2015

ESOP Economics, Inc. today announced the release of the new web-based version of Telescope™, its industry-leading repurchase obligation software. Telescope is used by hundreds of ESOP companies throughout the United States as a tool to forecast and plan for their repurchase obligations.

“Having Telescope on the web will be really convenient for our clients, providing anytime/anywhere access, and clients will always have the latest version, without having to download and install updates,” said Ashleigh Newlin, Vice President and Software Practice Manager at ESOP Economics.

“Developing the new version gave us the opportunity to program a number of features that have been on our ‘wish-list’, such as enhanced capabilities to model complex funding strategies” said Judy Kornfeld, founder and CEO. “We included the features that we need to model more realistic scenarios, such as year-to-year variations in funding strategies and diversification election rates. And we are very excited to be able to offer our repurchase obligation study clients seamless access to Telescope, with their studies already loaded.”

Founded in 1993, ESOP Economics has worked with hundreds of ESOP companies of all sizes and stages and in a broad range of industries to help them forecast and plan for their repurchase obligations. ESOP Economics helps clients identify and analyze strategies for managing and funding their repurchase obligations to plan for the long-term sustainability of their ESOPs. In addition to repurchase obligation studies and consulting, ESOP Economics offers its proprietary Telescope™ software to ESOP companies who want to do their own forecasting.

ESOP Economics can be reached by phone at 215-606-3600 or by email at