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Educating our Board of Directors about our ESOP

Chances are that not everyone on your Board of Directors understands the ESOP let alone repurchase obligations. Yet responsibility for meeting the repurchase obligation ultimately rests with the Board. They need to make sure that management is planning for the obligation, and how the obligation affects the company's resources.

As more and more ESOP companies bring in outside Board members who may have little or no experience with ESOPs, there is often a need to educate the Board about ESOPs in general and the company's specific ESOP challenges and plans.

Senior team members at ESOP Economics have many years of experience interacting with Boards of Directors. We can present the results of our analyses to help them understand sustainability issues and funding choices. Or we can simply provide general education about ESOPs and repurchase obligations. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to help!

Contact us at 215.606.3600 or