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I need help

Doing a repurchase obligation study

You’ve come to the right place! ESOP Economics has been providing ESOP repurchase obligation studies since 1993. Whether you need a study to comply with your bank’s requirements, because your appraiser is asking for one, or because you need to start planning for repurchase obligations, we can help.

We start by gathering data from you and your third-party ESOP administrator, which form the basis for the assumptions for the study. Typically, a “base case” scenario is developed and modeled first, that reflects your current ESOP rules and funding strategy, and your best guess assumptions about the future financial picture for your company. We will review the results of the base case projections with you and help you assess whether you are facing any specific issues and challenges.

If you are, we can take the study further. We will work with you to identify and model alternative strategies, so that you can make informed decisions about how best to manage and fund your company’s obligation.

The deliverable for the study will be a comprehensive, "board-friendly" report. We are available to discuss it with you management team and Board of Directors to help them understand the results and analyze the pros and cons of alternative strategies.

Our fees for a study are based on the amount of time we spend. A brief fact-finding telephone conversation will allow us to estimate the cost and prepare a proposal for you.

Contact us at 215.606.3600 or