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ESOP Economics has a unique combination of experience, tools and services to provide the support you need to plan for your ESOP repurchase obligations. We can work with you in a variety of ways, and at various levels within your organization, to meet the needs of your company and your ESOP.

We can conduct a straight forward Repurchase Obligation Study for you, or we can go beyond the basic study and help you develop strategies to manage and fund your ESOP.

  • Repurchase Obligation Studies
    An ESOP Economics' repurchase obligation study is more than just numbers on a page. We provide the crucial information you need to make informed decisions for the future.
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  • Consulting
    ESOP Economics can help you develop a strategy to manage and fund your repurchase obligations. For example, we can help you analyze appropriate contribution levels, redeeming vs. recirculating shares, creating reserves, etc.
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