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Analysis & Planning

Sometimes a simple forecast may not be enough. ESOP companies need to be sure that the repurchase obligations have been factored into their corporate financial planning and that they have a strategy for how they will manage and fund them. ESOP Economics can help by working with you on issues that go beyond the usual scope of a repurchase obligation study. We can help you analyze and plan for a range of issues and challenges that you may face as an ESOP company.

Recently, we have provided the following consulting services to clients.

  • Analyzing strategies to mitigate "have and have-not" situations that arise when the ESOP has no more shares to allocate
  • Analyzing the implications of handling repurchases by redeeming shares versus recycling shares in the ESOP, and modeling optimal combinations based on the client’s goals
  • Analyzing the effect of creating reserves within the ESOP, compared to keeping them on the balance sheet
  • Modeling various permutations of releveraging transactions as a technique to make the ESOP more sustainable over time
  • Providing education for the Board of Directors on ESOP repurchase obligation requirements and strategies

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