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Superior quality repurchase obligation forecasting requires extensive ESOP knowledge and a thorough understanding of your company’s issues and challenges. To assure the resulting Study provides everything you need, ESOP Economics works closely with you during the forecasting process. You can rely on us to:

  • Understand your planning issues and concerns
  • Collaborate with you to develop appropriate assumptions
  • Identify and analyze strategies for managing and funding the repurchase obligations
  • Help your management team and Board of Directors understand your company's repurchase obligation issues and alternatives
  • Present the results in an understandable, comprehensive report that provides the information you need to plan for repurchase obligations

If you are new to repurchase obligation planning, we recommend that we work closely with you on your first Repurchase Obligation Study rather than undertaking it on your own. By having us do the initial forecasting for you, you will benefit from our expertise in developing the assumptions, doing the projections, and interpreting the results. You will receive a comprehensive report, and we will review the report with you to make sure that you understand it fully. If issues are identified in the study that suggest the need for additional analysis or planning, we can continue to work with you to help you develop customized strategies for your situation.

To discuss your ESOP's needs, contact us at 215.606.3600 or

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