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Many companies prefer to perform their own repurchase obligation projections so that they can quickly run additional scenarios and update the projections as often as they would like. While Telescope makes these projections as simple as possible, the process is inherently complex. We offer an array of customized training and support options to help you do your first study and learn to effectively use the software.

  • Getting Started Package
  • Enhanced Technical Support
  • Group Training Class
  • Customized Training

Don't have the time or resources to format your census and allocation file, or to learn how to enter your assumptions into Telescope? Does your Board of Directors need your ESOP repurchase obligation study soon and you don't know where to begin?

The Getting Started Package will get you up and running with Telescope quickly. You simply complete a questionnaire about assumptions for your repurchase obligation study and send us your census information and plan document. We then:

  • Review your plan document, amendments, and distribution policy
  • Review, format, and import your census data for use in Telescope
  • Analyze historical turnover rates for your population using historical census files
  • Enter your plan provisions and assumptions in Telescope
  • Provide you with the Telescope files for your study
  • Schedule a phone call with you to review the data entry, point out areas for your further review, and explain the projection reports.

Upon completion of this service, you will be equipped to run additional scenarios, adjust your assumptions, and create a meaningful report for your company.

The cost for the Getting Started Package depends on the size of your population and the complexity of your ESOP. Please contact us at 215-606-3600 or for a proposal.

We are available to support your use of Telescope in many ways. Our goal is to make sure you can be confident that you are using Telescope appropriately and effectively to model your ESOP repurchase obligations.

Some examples of ways we can assist you include:

  • Formatting your census data to import into Telescope
  • Analyzing your company's historical turnover rates
  • Auditing your study in Telescope to confirm that you have modeled your assumptions correctly
  • Updating your study in Telescope to reflect your assumptions for the current year

Please contact us at 215-606-3600 or and we can work with you to design a custom support solution to meet your specific needs.

This intensive hands-on class will help you learn to use Telescope as efficiently and effectively as possible. Participants will work through the process of performing an ESOP repurchase obligation study from start to finish using Telescope. The Telescope Group Training Class is ideal for those who are new to Telescope – whether your company just started using the software or if the responsibility for projections has been transitioned to a new person. Participants must have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and ESOPs, and must bring a laptop computer to class.

Prior to the class, attendees will be asked to gather and review materials for their ESOP repurchase obligation study and fill out a questionnaire. In preparation for the class, you will also be asked to attend two online webinars that cover what data is needed for your Telescope study and answer your questions about the assumptions you are preparing for your study.

The next Group Training Class will be held on July 13 and 14, 2016 in Philadelphia. Please register here by June 3, 2016.

Please contact us at 215-606-3600 or if you would like further information.

We can provide customized training for your company to help you learn to use the software as efficiently as possible and model your ESOP provisions and other assumptions correctly. This can be done when you first subscribe to the software or at any later time. Our training services can be especially helpful when responsibility for doing the projections is being transitioned to a new person within the company.

While training is customized for each situation, we generally find that we can be most effective if we work with you to gather all the data for the study and develop the assumptions in advance of the training session. This process will help you to understand how the assumptions are developed and how they all fit together. After that, we will teach you how to enter the assumptions in Telescope, how to correctly model your plan features, and how to produce and analyze reports.

Please contact us at 215-606-3600 or to discuss your specific needs and we will prepare a proposal for you.